ANUChannel on YouTube

Who to contact

For help or information on making a video contact the SCAPA Multimedia team on
+61 2 6125 9313 or at

What can go on ANUChannel?

ANUChannel on YouTube is for videos of an educational/informative nature produced and owned by the University, including:

  • public lectures and seminars,
  • researcher, student and alumni profiles, and
  • informative or educational stories.

Videos that overtly advertise or are commercial in nature are not permitted, in line with the EDU status agreement we hold with YouTube.

Getting a video uploaded

SCAPA is the gateway to YouTube, ensuring that the strict EDU agreement between ANU and YouTube is adhered to.

SCAPA is the gateway to YouTube, ensuring that the strict EDU agreement between ANU and YouTube is adhered to.

In order to get content onto ANUChannel you will need to send your video, supporting information and signed release forms to the SCAPA Multimedia team (located on the ground floor of the Chancelry). Files can be sent to SCAPA via file sharing, CD, hard drive or dropped in. We recommend the use of AARnet Cloudstor (a web service available to all U number holders), create an account at Cloudstor.

SCAPA will ‘top, tail & super’ your video with the appropriate ANU branding, perform quality control and accuracy checks on all content, adjust video and audio settings as required and keep release forms on file.

Other requirements

Every video file should be clearly identifiable and be accompanied by a document file outlining the title, video description and tags to accompany the video on YouTube.  A separate talent release form for all speakers is also required. Please don’t forget to label your CD or Hard Disk Drive before you send it to us with return instructions (we receive many of these every day).

Video title

Keep this to a maximum of 55 characters and make it descriptive e.g. The Miseries of Middle Age – National Psychology Week forum at ANU

Video description

The first paragraph should be a simple explanation of the video. Keep descriptions under 200 words. Make sure ANU is mentioned somewhere in the intro paragraph and keep text in present text:

e.g. Will men inexplicably buy a convertible, grow a ponytail and date women in their 20′s? Will women suffer horribly from menopause and empty nest syndrome and hit the Valium? What does it mean to be middle age – is it misery, or is that a myth? As part of The Australian National University’s involvement with National Psychology Week, a panel of experts tackle the issues.

Moderated by Genevieve Jacobs – Presenter, afternoon program, 666 ABC Canberra
Expert panel:
Associate Professor Michael Platow -Social psychologist, Research School of Psychology, ANU
Dr Christine Phillips -Senior lecturer on social factors and health, ANU Medical School
Ms Suzi Keser -PhD candidate with research focused on occupational stress in middle age
Dr Ross Wilkinson – Relationships and attachments through life, Department of Psychology, ANU
Dr Tim Windsor – Path through life project, Centre for Mental Health Research, ANU
Professor Don Byrne – Stress and its relationship to illness, Department of Psychology, ANU


Tags provide metadata for the video and ensure it is found when people do internet and YouTube searches for things other than the video’s title.

In the example below the tags contain every term we could think of that might be relevant to people looking for a video that was about the psychological aspects of middle age, plus some institutional and personal tags (ANU, the speakers).

The more tags you can think of, the better.

e.g. stress, occupational stress, healthcare, health, mental health, psychology, midlife crisis, middle age, social health, national psychology week, 666ABC, Genevieve Jacobs, Don Byrne, Michael Platow, Christine Philips, Suzi Keser, Ross Wilkinson, Tim Windsor, Research School of Psychology, ANU, The ANU, Australian National University, discussion, Canberra, education


ANU respects the principle of copyright and does not intentionally violate copyright law. No content will be uploaded to YouTube without signed release forms authorising the ANU.  Additionally, no copyright content (music, pictures, video, text) can be used without written permission from the copyright owner.  Attach signed permission if copyright material is used.

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