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Dr Rachel Wood with a 40,000 year old bone of a red deer, showing human cut marks. Image Stuart Hay

Neanderthals and Modern Humans coexisted

For several thousand years Neanderthals and modern humans lived alongside one another in Europe, a new study has found.

Dr Julia Ellyard

Genetic key to lupus shows potential of personalised medicine

DNA sequencing of a lupus patient has identified a specific genetic mutation that is causing the disease, opening the way for personalised treatments.

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PhD students Giovanni Guccione (L) and Harry Slatyer examine their gold coated silver gallium nanowire in the Quantum Optics labs

Laser makes microscopes way cooler

Laser physicists have found a way to make atomic-force microscope probes 20 times more sensitive and capable of detecting forces as small as the weight of an individual virus

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Adult Little Bronze Cuckoo. Image, John Grant.

Cuckoos trick other cuckoos in the race to own the nest

Deceptive cuckoos don’t just fool the other birds whose nests they lay their eggs in, but try to hoodwink each other


The state of Iraq

ANU experts have commented on the latest developments in Iraq and US President Barack Obama’s decision to authorise air strikes against Islamic State.

Dr Horst Punzmann (left) and Professor Michael Shats test their wave-generated tractor beam. Photo by Stuart Hay.

Physicists create water tractor beam

ANU scientists have used waves to create a tractor beam on water, providing a radical new technique that could be used to confine oil spills or manipulate floating objects.

Simon Foote JCSMR_1600

New director for The John Curtin School of Medical Research

Professor Simon Foote has been appointed the new Director of The John Curtin School of Medical Research.

Image courtesy woodleywonderworks on flickr

Case for a rate hike is building – Shadow RBA

The Australian National University RBA Shadow Board says the central bank should leave interest rates unchanged in August, although case is building for higher interest rates in Australia.

New ANU Council members. From left to right: Professor Patrick Dodson, Professor Suzanne Cory, Chancellor Gareth Evans, Naomi Flutter and Ben Niles.

Prominent Australians join ANU Governing Council

The Australian National University has welcomed four new members to its governing Council.

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NTA PIC-1600

Australia’s ageing population poses budget risks

A new report from the Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research highlights the pressures on Australia’s economy from an ageing population.

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