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Photo courtesy of Zoutedrop on Flickr.

Developing nations ride a motorcycle boom

Asia’s rapidly developing economies should prepare for a full-throttle increase in motorcycle numbers as average incomes increase, a new study from The Australian National University has found.

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Deregulation of student contributions

Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young and Chancellor Professor Gareth Evans have joined the debate about future university funding, calling for deregulation of student contributions so Australian universities can better compete with the best in the world.

Image courtesy edans on flickr

Scientists find new way to fight Malaria drug resistance

An anti-malarial treatment that lost its status as the leading weapon against the deadly disease could be given a new lease of life, with new research indicating it simply needs to be administered differently.

Professor Helen Ennis

Helen Ennis appointed Dobell Chair

Professor Helen Ennis has been appointed to the Sir William Dobell Chair of Art History in recognition of her work and excellence as an art scholar, writer and curator.

The Isaac Newton telescope in the Canary Islands. Image courtesy Luca Casagrande

New tool for galactic archaeology

Reconstructing the history of our Galaxy has just become a whole lot easier, thanks to a team of international astronomers led by Dr Luca Casagrande from ANU.

Professor Michael Kyrios.

ANU appoints Michael Kyrios to head Psychology

Professor Michael Kyrios has been appointed Director of the Research School of Psychology in the College of Medicine, Biology and Environment.

Chemicals used to dye hair could hold the key to the origins of life on Earth. Photo courtesy of Kim Becker on Flickr.

Shedding new light on the origins of life

Hydrogen peroxide, more commonly associated with bleached hair, may have been the key to early life on Earth.

PhD student Helen Chrzanowski working on quantum amplification.

Reviving Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance”

Physicists have revived a quantum effect that Albert Einstein referred to as “spooky action at a distance”, opening up potential new forms of ultra-secure communications.

Fenner building_1600

Fenner building goes green

The Frank Fenner Building has received 6 Star Green Star certification for both design and construction and is officially the ‘greenest’ building in Canberra.

Image courtesy NASA / Paul Preuss

Critical mass not needed for supernova explosions

Astronomers searching for clues about dark energy, the mysterious force that is speeding up the expansion of the Universe, have uncovered new evidence about the nature of supernovae, finding many are lighter than scientists had expected.

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