Former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan speaking at the ANU.

Former Japan PM moved and shocked by words of Indigenous Australians

Former Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has revealed at an ANU public lecture that he was left moved and shocked by words spoken to him by traditional Indigenous land owners.

The solar technology in use during trials.

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Solar soldiers have their day in the sun

The Australian National University (ANU) is a step closer to solving one of the Australian Army’s modern problems with testing completed for new wearable solar technology which significantly reduces the weight of batteries soldiers need to carry.

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SOLAR 1600

New funds to bolster ANU clean energy research

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has awarded more than $9 million to five ANU clean energy projects.

Aftermath of the February 2009 Black Saturday fires, near Flowerdale, Victoria. (Photo: 
Geoff Cary)

Victoria’s logged landscapes are at increased risk of bushfire

Victoria’s forest management policies need to be urgently reviewed in response to the discovery that logging can contribute to the severity of bushfires in wet forests, like the devastating fires on Black Saturday in February 2009.

VCH fire photo from slide 1

Wet forest logging linked to Black Saturday fire severity

Logging in Victorian forests was partly to blame for the severity of the 2009 Black Saturday fires reaching the intensity of the nuclear explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, leading Australian ecological scientists have found.

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Exploring the Milky Way. Photo by James Gilbert

ANU wins funding for Future Fellowships

The ANU has won funding for 16 major research projects under the Australian Research Council’s Future Fellowships program.

A little forest bat shelters under some bark

Bush Capital could lose its old trees

The loss will be devastating for Canberra’s biodiversity.

Photo courtesy of Mads Bødker on flickr.

How the Great Barrier Reef survived colder temperatures

The Great Barrier Reef grew during the last ice age, even though the water temperatures were four to five degrees colder than today, a team of international scientists has found.

Photo courtesy of Marc Nozell on flickr.

Fostering closer energy ties with the US

An ANU collaboration with the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory has been raised during talks between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Tony Abbott at the White House.


Unlocking the genetic code of the eucalypt

A team of international researchers has unlocked the genetic code of the eucalypt, giving new tools for preserving koala habitat.

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